Scene 1 Casting

12 Step Guide to Movie Magic

Call Times

Call times are never set until the day before filming. This is why we need to know that you are available with no conflicts for the entire day. Call time is set once filming for the previous day has wrapped. Call time will come via email as soon as it is set by production. Sometimes this can be very late at night. If you have not received it by 8:00 pm, then call will be after 8:00 am the next day, etc.

Bring ID

Always bring ID to set with you. A passport is easiest. However, School ID cards, birth certificates, Driver’s license, State issued ID, and social security cards will work. If you do not have a passport then two forms of ID are required.


Always bring multiple outfits (at least 3-5) to set with you. Full outfits include top, bottoms, shoes, and accessories. Logos are never permitted on set. Always read call email for exact wardrobe instructions.

Closed – Toed

Your safety is so important to us. Please wear closed toed shoes at all times. Also be aware of your surroundings at all times.

12 Hour Days or Longer

A full working day is 12 hours. Filming is unpredictable. Some days filming may last 8 hours and others could be 14.

Hair and Makeup Ready

Always arrive on set hair and makeup ready. There is not a place on set to do your hair and makeup. If hair and make will be provided you will be notified via email.

Bring lightweight folding chair

It is always a good idea to have a fold/camping chair in your car. Sometimes we run out of chairs or you need them in holding while not on set.

Be On-Time

Please arrive with enough time to get parked and to base camp prior to your call time.

No Pictures/Social Media

This is extremely important. These films are not yet purchased. Anything posted on social media may jeopardize the film negatively. Never post your location or the Actors on social media.

No Divas On Set

Please leave the drama to the lead actors. Be kind and courteous to everyone on set.

Phones Turned OFF On-Set

It is important to have your phone in the off mode while working on set. Phones on silent can interfere with the audio equipment. Also, pre-set alarms will still play in silent mode. You may be asked to use your phone as a prop, please just turn it off.

Conversations w/ Actors

Please be mindful that everyone is here to do a job. Please do not talk to others on set. This is especially important with the principal actors who are learning lines or preparing for their scenes.

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